Michigan Business uses our Interview

Michigan Business uses Interview Buy Local
Michigan Business uses our Interview on their website to tell their story.

Today’s Weapons, a Michigan business uses our interview from Buy Local Michigan Video Blog on their website.

Sharing Michigan business stories is why producer Duane Weed started Buy Local Michigan.  Telling peoples story and then providing them a video to share on their website and other social media sites pays it forward.

Todays-Weapons-uses-Buy-Local-Michigan-You Tube Playlist
Using our BLM Youtube Playlist on Today’s Weapons website also promotes other Michigan Businesses.

When Today’s Weapon owners Jennifer and Mark came into the studio to record their interview I could see they had a passion for what they do.  Mark in teaching others the proper way to protect themselves and Jennifer and her love to be social and take care of the PR needs of the business.

Jennifer placed their Buy Local Michigan interview on their home page.  She then took it one step further and placed our BLM You Tube Playlist on her home page as well.  Never thought of that one.  She believes in Buying Local and wants to promote others.  Thank you Today’s Weapons for the love.

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