Architectural Rendering
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Architectural Rendering

Architectural Rendering is also known as architectural illustration. This is the art of creating two-dimensional images or animations from a CAD or architectural design.

What does Architectural Design mean?

Architectural Rendering Commercial

Architectural Design is the process of taking an architects drawings which are mainly geared toward construction.  It is a matter of taking the drawings and interpreting them to the customer for residential and commercial use.

Ideal uses is to show the customer or prospect a unique view, cut-a-way or view point that sells the vision.

David McCord – Architectural Designer

Architectural Rendering and Design

David McCord has been a graphic designer for well over 45 years.  Through his years of experience he has created a number of product literature, logos, displays, instructions, promotions, packaging, websites, advertising and presentations.  Email or call 616-902-0033.

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