ArtPrize entry from Michigan Artist is the focus of this Buy Local Michigan segment.  “When Alicia Patch Oldham entered the studio to record this video I saw a warm, caring and passionate person”, states Michigan’s Video Storyteller Duane Weed.  “Her spirit, passion and drive was their as she fought through the fact she has been losing her eyesight due to macular degeneration.  Having to stop a few times to regain her focus. The result however is wonderful.  Her voice, her inflection on each word and the phrasing will draw any Michigander to her story and each of us will have our own visuals playing in our head.”

From her ArtPrize entry from Michigan Artist page it states, “Her interest in poetry began when she was only 5 years old and was asked to memorize a poem to recite during a school play. Before her first fine arts exhibit at age 80, Alicia created artwork for personal enjoyment (sketching a variety of images including movie stars like Clark Gable, Victor Mature, Dorothy Lamour, etc.). Later, she drew her own unique Christmas cards, but only for family and friends. Various poems and artwork were printed in local papers.”

Alicia Patch Oldham from Chippewa Lake Michigan.

One of my favorite lines reads:

If you should come to Michigan
On a clear and cloudless day
You’ll realize, these bright blue skies
Mean summer’s on its way.
It never lasts forever . . . so enjoy it while you may.
Drink in its lovely lakes and streams,
Bask in its lazy, hazy dreams . . .
Soak up it’s golden moon-lit beams
And . . . you may decide to stay!

Buy Local Michigan is produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC copyright 2016.  Video and Poem used with permission from Lisa Oldham and Alicia Patch Oldham.  The poem is owned and copyrighted by Alicia Patch Oldham.

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