Be our guest on Buy Local Michigan
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Be our guest on Buy Local Michigan.  Welcome to Buy Local Michigan where we are Promoting Michigan’s Business, Communities and People.  Why would we want to do this?  To build up Michigan, help promote and grow businesses so more jobs can be added and boost our states economy.  You have a story to tell…. lets tell it.

Schedule a time to be interviewed on our show?  For examples go to and check us out.  The final edited segment is 2-3 minutes in length.  Since we are an on-line show peoples attention spans are short.
The process is simple.
* Schedule a time.
* Make the drive to our studio in Howard City.  When you arrive we first chat about your business and the direction that best fits you for the interview.  The show is about you so we take time to do it right.
* Conduct the interview and we are done with that part.
* I then edit and use the photos provided by you (see below).
* Once edited the video is placed on with a write up and link to your website.
Here is what I need from you.
* 10-15 photos that best represent you and your business.  Will edit these in to help tell your story.
* Would ask that you ‘like’ our dwvideomultimedia Facebook page, follow our show and share with others.  I will do the same with yours.  The world is social media so we help each other spread the word.
* Once the video is edited and placed on a link will be sent to you.  Share the ink on your social networks.  This is your story and it also helps promote our video blog so others can get involved.
* Embed code and video link will be provided so you can place on your website and share your story.
* Important Tip:  When you place the video on your website please add under the video: Video compliments by Buy Local Michigan.  (this needs to be a link to  Why is this needed?  Google likes to see reciprocal links.  We link to you from the Buy Local Michigan site and then you link to us from yours.  This is a good SEO practice.
Do not worry, at DW Video and Buy Local Michigan we are here to help tell your story and to help with those technical items as well.
Want to be a guest?  Know others that can benefit? Customers, Clients, the business next door?  Car pool, bring others to share their story. We are telling Michigan’s story.  Build up the economy and add new jobs…. Support Michigan Businesses and remember to buy and shop locally.
My name is Duane and I am here to tell your story.
Thank you
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