When you have a hobby and decide to turn it into a small business one has the best of both worlds. That is what Russ Brooks from Brooks Bull Shed II Specialty Lamps has done. “This is not business yet.” Russ states. “Just sharing my hobby with others and recouping my expenses. Terms are cash and local pick up only.” Contact Russ

Specialty Lamps

Russ comes from a crafty family, his Dad is a skilled craftsman with wood and the apple did not fall from the tree so to speak. Russ goes to craft shows and a couple years back he saw a lamp made out of a whiskey bottle. He tells us, “Went back to my workshop, took a Captain Black bottle and made into a lamp… it looked cool. That was my first, then made a second and now have made many to date.”

For now Brooks Bull Shed II is a nice hobby that someday might turn a profit. His challenge is not to break the bottle. Custom made comes with a warning. Glass does break on occasion. There is always that possibility, but always willing to try.

Russ also makes walking sticks and other wood products. He has a number of pre-made lamps on his Facebook page with easy to get bottles. But he really likes the more unique ones.

Very Unique Lamp

One very unique lamp came from a friend that had a bottle and wondered if it could be made into a lamp. Russ being creative suggested that it be done with the box it came in. The result was cool. This style lamp would have it’s own unique price tag.

To date most of the lamps are built for friends and were inspired by their drink of preference. He also has done wine bottles and is going to experiment with pop bottles. Great for gifts for all seasons.

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