Burnt Marshmallow Brewing Review Video by producer Duane Weed. Duane takes a dive into their S’mor Porter.

Welcome to the Burnt Marshmallow Brewing in Petoskey Michigan. A couple years ago my wife and I were up in the area and we were doing some wine tours and we came across this little brewery. It was really interesting that they roast a marshmallow right in front of you, actually burn it and then they drop it into the beer. Let the marshmallow burn there for a minute and then let the flavors go into the beer. I’ll tell you who thinks of this stuff to go ahead and sell let’s burn a marshmallow and throw it in a beer.

About Burnt Marshmallow Brewery

Founded in 2016, The Burnt Marshmallow Brewing opened in Petoskey, Michigan. They use ingredients grown on the 190 acre Rudbeckia Farm. Not to mention using ingredients from other local resources.

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