Why is it important for people to buy local in Michigan? Welcome to Buy Local Michigan where we are promoting Michigan Business Communities and its people. The event was put on by Emerge –  Intercoastal: Our Muskegon Conquest with Gorgeous photos by Alicia Magnuson Photography

Any number reasons, first of all it is fresh. You understand what you’re getting. And you’re for supporting local economies, suporting local entrepreneurs and local business people. It is important for the hometown.

If people don’t buy locally then that money goes somewhere else and if that money goes somewhere else then we all pay for it one way or another.
Well we all want to keep the economy vibrant here in Michigan. and so you wanna keep a circular flow of materials and and products and stuff with local people so the local economies can thrive.

I think we can talk about economy which all is true but at the end of the day we buy local you’re buying for people from people and buying from people just like you and get that personal attention that you don’t get from a big business.

Michigan is an incredible state we are so unique among the nation and we’re not only because the lakes because the exceptional talent that we have here and the resources.
Buying local I think is important because it’s the re-cyclbility of not just the capital that flows through the company’s but the ideas, the people in the local culture that has impacted afterwards.

Gorgeous photos by Alicia Magnuson Photography

When you support local businesses that money stays here and is reinvested back into the community. I also think that is really important. I think it is important that supporting your local business helps build relationship between you and the business owner. I think that developing those relationships seeing the people behind the store counter also in your community and and supporting them creates a better environment, better community and better quality of life for everybody.

I am a huge advocate of buying local because I have an american-made product that is manufactured in West Michigan. I am catering to people who want to take advantage of the lakeshore here. I want to promote wellness and promote business along West Michigan.

I think it is important to support the businesses that support the community. When the tax base is solid then the educational programs are going to be more solid as well.
We buy and sell and have our business in West Michigan. Because it not only a fun place to be, but we are supporting local businesses here. We love this place.
We it supports the community and make its that that we can then buy more groceries locally and buy the car locally and go to the restaurants. We are bringing the money in. So buying local supports the whole community not just the individual.

Duane interviewing Traci Marcero from Atlas Coast.

We are excited about buy local Michigan because and guess what he brings a lot of entrepreneurs out and gets some excitement going to create jobs and certainly best of all to sell more products in the state of Michigan.

We think it is important because it really develops the local economy and you get unique products that come out a local business.

I think it’s important to buy local and you’ll see more footage on this video but if you look around these are the faces and families you affect on a personal bases. These are all people that have a dream and are willing to pursue their dream.

We are a Michigan manufacturer and it is really important for you to consider buying Michigan.. Buy local. We are supporting people who are paying taxes in the community so people who are working for us can afford to buy a house and they can pay property taxes to the local school.

a lot of studies show that if you spend your dollars at a local business and that businesses far more likely to invest back into the community. Because the people own a business are living in that community and their children are going to school there and maybe going to church there. May be they are volunteering there their Philanthropy stays in the community they care more about the community they are in and more monies being circulated within the community as well.

I mean it results in a thriving economy. It results in the ability of them to perhaps expand and to employ more people and really just bring something to the community it helps create a neighborhood creates an environment and maybe even inspires other people to open businesses as well.

When you buy from a face that’s in your community they’re gonna care a lot more about the product they’re serving you because they’re putting their name on it. They are gonna give you something that’s the highest quality that they can produce and I don’t know but that’s why I shop locally.

Duane, video producer and host of Buy Local Michigan having fun with Spencer Covey, Entrepreneur

Easiest answer is it supports local business of course but there’s more than that when you buy local you know where it comes from its not from 10 different countries across the planet it’s from right here locally West Michigan and that means something to know that it comes from there.

I buy local because it is important to support the local economy. I know I’m a product that coming from

So, why is it important for people to buy local in Michigan? Without the support of each other and the support of the community. A business doesn’t really have a chance of making it if they don’t have their own community to support them. And by buying local were helping build future entrepreneurs in our community.It would be wise if nothing else to support Michigan to support our farmers, to support our artists, to support the the diversity a business that we have here to continue Michigan growing and being a leader in the nation. When you have an influx so much on locally they support each other and that allows more business attraction, telling attractions,just a cool city after all. And it is easy enough to buy locally we just have to really get our head around it.

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