Chatting Local is a video blog that is all about you, your business, your community.  Built on the foundation of sharing your expertise to your audience we provide you the platform to do so.  Yes, there is a cost, but can you say affordable video production.

How does this Work?

Each segment is based on an interview with you.  The key to each segment is based on a keyword or keyword phrase based on your topic and expertise.

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  • Determine the topic of each segment(s)
  • Record each segment aiming at a length of 2-5 minutes. We can do one or multiple videos that work best for you and your budget.
    • Interview Style to provide flow to the topic and build your credibility.
    • Talking head style where you provide the information.  We have a teleprompter if you want to write it ahead of time and read it off the screen.
    • You become the host and bring in your own guest to share expertise based on your target audience.
    • We will edit each segment and place on our YOUTUBE Channel.
      • Will generate a segment on Buy Local Michigan 365 to share your content.

* Will provide you the Video URL and Embed Code for use on your social media and websites.

    • NOTE: you cannot download and then re-upload.  Must use our URL and Embed code to keep our, and your SEO the best for each segment.
  • Cost: Each segment is $150.00.  Contact Duane for more details 231-250-9624.

Where do we record?

Chatting Local is recorded at the DW Video & Multimedia, LLC studio located at 5510 Maple Hill Road, Howard City.

  • SPECIAL OFFER: 6 (six) Chatting Local videos for $600.00 call today!
  • Ask how we can capture your seminar or go on-location to capture your content, Give Duane a call 231-250-9624