Welcome Jim Crank from Crankers Brewery where the saying is Drink Good Beer with Good People.


Inspired by his Aunt from Oregon, Cranker’s is a restaurant-brewery concept with three locations in Michigan. Cranker’s is a micro-brew which is a manufacture of beer. This combination produces great food and beer along with outstanding service.

Being unique in the Michigan Craft Beer Industry is what Crankers Brewery has locations in Mount Pleasant, Grand Rapids and Big Rapids.

Head Brewer Adam Mills

Crankers Brewery, Head Brewer Adam Mills describes himself as a style brewer. “These styles have been established, and in some cases have evolved, over time. Personally, he prefers to work within this framework and try and experiment within it’s bounds. As brewers continue to create and push the limits of brewing, new styles become legitimized. Among these in recent years are Double or Imperial IPA, Triple IPA, Belgian IPA, Session IPA, (think consumers like IPA?), Wheat Wine, Rye beers, and American Strong Ale among others.”

Cranker’s Brewery enjoys the growth of the Michigan Micro-Brew industry. Enjoying the creative aspect of working on new recipes and a passion to find new ways to satisfy their customers.

With over 70 different styles of beer Adam finds the challenge in creating new flavors. Wow, what a job!

For more information on Cranker’s Brewery go to http://www.crankersbrewery.com/.

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