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Buy Local Michigan hit the road to learn about the Economic Impact ArtPrize has on West Michigan.

Tim Calderone, “We had no idea how big it would ultimately end up being for us on the economic and the financial side. It does bring in more traffic sales so do go up. Our expenses go up to and the labor expense is one of the biggest expenses that most any business in the service industry is going to have.”

ArtPrize in West Michigan

ArtPrize is recognized as the most-attended public art event on the planet according to The Art Newspaper, and was recently highlighted in The New York Times’ 52 Places To Go in 2016.

Carolyn Lund, co-owner of Earnest Apps, says “the more people that are aware of Grand Rapids and have positive things to say about Grand Rapids it definitely helps me out.”

The Economic Impact ArtPrize has on West Michigan can be looked at in two ways, One, the immediate as you see in terms of hotels and restaurants and bars. However there is a longer and more important investment made and that’s how the city of Grand Rapids resonates with in the state of Michigan within the midwest and within the country.

Economic Impact ArtPrize

Liz Nolan, Public Relations Director for Restaurant Partners, Inc states “we obviously get new customers that the next time they are visiting Grand Rapids come in. It is a real blessing having ArtPrize in Grand Rapids.”

Joseph Becherer, Chief Curator, Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, comments, “We’ve been involved with ArtPrize from the very beginning and we were for a long time the exception to the downtown rule and for us it was always an opportunity to participate in something that was communal.”

Economic Impact ArtPrize has on West Michigan

The takeaway for Michigan’s Video Storyteller Duane Weed is ArtPrize brings attention to Grand Rapids, West Michigan and the entire state. That is truly a Buy Local Michigan moment. Remember to buy and shop locally.

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