NOTE: HMP Carpentry is now in Muskegon.

Handmade Products from Michigan is what Tom Frens from HMP Carpentry offers. According to HMP website, “Whether you are looking for custom built cabinetry, a custom built fireplace mantel, custom woodworking piece, or a kitchen or bath makeover, we can certainly help you! Our specialty is custom cabinetry and woodworking but we are able to manage kitchen, bath and other remodeling projects. We mainly supply other builders and homeowners with finished cabinetry and woodworking items.” Custom cabinetry and woodworking is their specialty. Which means handmade products for HMP. Done by hand the way real craftsmen do it. With Tom and his shop you can imagine ‘This Ole House’ on PBS. This is Tom.

The definition of Fremont Michigan Carpentry is the activity or occupation of making or repairing things in wood.

When asked the difference between his work and a buying a cabinet at a box store his reply “our cabinets are made with plywood with wood veneer layers as apposed to most box store cabinets which are made with press board with sawdust ground up and glued together. Meaning all the custom craftsmanship coming out of HMP is solid and has a better look and feel to them.

When asked what his market reach was, his response is anywhere that someone needs my perfection and craftsmanship… mainly a couple hours from Fremont is is main area.  You can reach Tom at or call 231-335-9474.

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