From Idea to Business is the story of Mike Suman, author, inventor, holds over 50 patients and in this segment he shares thoughts on ‘Should your idea become a business’.

Mike Suman volenteers his time to share and teach others. He works with the Grand Rapids Inventors Network, Muskegon Inventors Network and shares his knowledge with start ups and established businesses.

So you have an idea for a product that you feel will help someone in the market place… what is next? It starts with the idea. Seems simple but this is what gets the fire burning and begins that drive. Once you have the idea it needs to be validated. Is there product and market validation in your idea.

The next step is design and development. This is where you set up and build a team around you. In then goes into business practices. You can be good at the invention process for example but not have any business sense.

To order the book go to Helping the Michigan spirit of invention, ideas and drive… Glad there are people like Mike Suman to help others navigate that path.
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