Great Blues Guitarist interview with Davy Knowles at Callahan’s Music Hall in Auburn Hills Michigan. A venue ideal for intimate LIVE Music.

The trip began with my son Bryan and I planning another of what is a long line of concerts we have attended.  Yes, my 23 old son loves the music I have grown up with: ‘classic rock’.  We first saw Davy Knowles when he opened for Chickenfoot in Grand Rapids many years ago.  Since that time we have followed Davy on Facebook. Learned he was going to be in Michigan and we booked the tickets.

Fast forward a few months and after watching on of Davy’s Facebook LIVE videos I reached out and ask if I could interview him at Callahan’s when he was there.  He said yes!  We arrived an hour before the doors opened, watched Micheal, Marvin and Davy jammin it out.  Did the interview and proceeded to have a great evening of music.

Great Blues Guitarist Interview

When thinking of doing a great blues guitarist interview you may not put Davy Knowles in that list… yet.  So you have heard it here first, in the coming decades the term ‘great blues guitarist’ will have his name associated with that term.

Right now some of the greats already refer to him as


“Davy already has a recognizable style. He’s definitely the gunslinger guitarist of the 21st century,’’ – Peter Frampton

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