Growing Michigan Business

Growing Michigan business can mean many things.  Growing your existing business to provide more products and services. Renovating old buildings and revitalizing your town. Creating a buy local atmosphere in all aspects helps your community and is needed when growing Michigan businesses. Michigan has the talent to create innovation within all industries from retail and manufacturing to services and technology.  Buy Local Michigan is here to tell and share the story of your business. We want to show why growing Michigan business is important to growth in our state. Call Duane to feature your business on Buy Local Michigan – 231-250-9624.

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Join in by growing Michigan

Join in by growing Michigan business and go to MEDC to look at what you can do for your business and communities.

Growing Michigan Business

Since 2010 Michigan has been going through a transformation, where jobs and business opportunities are on the rise. Michigan is becoming one of best pro-business environments in the country.  According to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, “Michigan is committed to strengthening successful businesses. Not only is the administration decidedly pro-business, but entrepreneurs and startups also have access to a myriad of business services and vital financial support – available through 15 SmartZones and business incubators, each anchored by an academic institution.”  Source: MEDC – Why Michigan

Growing Michigan Business is important to our schools, our communities and the people of Michigan.  Remember to Buy and Shop locally.

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