How best to serve our customers with a Buy Local approach is the topic of volume eight of a nine part series on Buying Local. Duane Weed, host of Buy Local Michigan produced this series with the expertise of Dr. David Hebert from Ferris State University.  Dr. Hebert is an assistant professor of Economics at Ferris State.

Buying local can often save you money because there are fewer hands involved. Buying local can also provide an economic boost your community when you work together. These are all great comments.  But it takes a team to really pull it off how best to serve our customers in a local market.

The research for this blog post led me to an article from ‘How Stuff Works‘.   Jessica Willis wrote, “The New Economics Foundation found that when people buy local, twice the amount of money stays in the community compared to areas where people bought more imported and out-of-state goods. So, while you’re getting a great deal on something, you’re also doing good things for your community, and that’s definitely a deal you shouldn’t pass up!”

For more from Dr. Hebert in this nine part series go to ‘The Meaning of Buying Local‘.  Buy Local Michigan is produced by DW Video and Multimedia…. where we are telling your story. Copyright 2016

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