Pease Insurance is a Business of Promises.

Hello I am Richard Pease from Pease Insurance Agency in Howard City – Your Trusted Choice Agency.

Pease Insurance is a business made on Promises Insurance, where we reach out to people, find out what their needs are and work hard at meeting those needs. At Pease Insurance we are a full line agency covering home, auto, life, health insurance and bonds.

The advantage of working with a local agent is just like what happened during this interview on Buy Local Michigan. You have a chance to sit face to face with someone, cover their needs and bring out the policy forms and see what the policy does for you, then at the time of loss or disaster you have someone that will sit on your side.

Rich and Cheryl Pease put a lot back into the community with scholarships and events. Their focus is mainly through the sports programs with opportunities for personal growth for the communities young people.

Rich made a great point when asked about getting insurance from the web. It boils down to when you need help after a disaster or accident, working local means you have a person that has your back. Someone from your community that will work for you. It also helps to be local to sit down with you to help you understand what you purchased and go over what you need.

Pease Insurance is a Business of Promises, the promise that when you pay for coverage, the insurance company will up hold their commitment and be there for you.

At Pease Insurance they help local families and businesses protect the things that are important to them. They are here to help you too. Contact them at or call 231-937-4141.

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