iVideoIT is about helping you make your business look like a million dollar company, without spending a million to do so. Your image and brand are on the line when you produce videos with your name on it.  At Buy Local Michigan we want to be part of your marketing mix!

Affordable Video Rates

$50/hr for editing suite and editor

You can even sit in on the edit, it is your project by the way.

How does this Work?

iVideoIT is a You Shoot it, We edit system that allows you to focus on your business and our team to make you look good!

One key element that we provide is training. We know either due to budget or time our team cannot always provide the video coverage for you. That is when we will do a one on one training with your equipment.  This way when you do shoot it, you are capturing useful video, not garbage.  Remember the saying, Garbage in, Garbage out!  We are only as good as the video you provide.  

Contact Duane for more details and to book a training 231-250-9624.


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  • V I D2 E O

    For more helpful tips here is a free guide V I D2 E O Tips

    V – visual/vision 

    Planning Consider the theme, write out a script or outline of points to address, and prepare the filming environment ahead of time.

    I – information/content

    KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE – everything you do needs to answer your customers and potential customers questions.  In the same way look at your competition and see what they are doing – do not 100% copy it.  Find your style

    D2 – develop and distribution

    Audio, Lighting and the Equipment used are key to developing your brand and identity.

    This is a pay to play world. Do Not Hide Your Ideas.  YouTube, Facebook, Social Media, Embedding on your website – tip with YouTube add ?rel=0 to the embed to block the LIKE videos – no need to give people that squirrel moment and leave your site


E- engage


Techniques to engage your audience.  Follow the basic rules of video, good headroom, the rule of thirds, follow action and keep it Slow, Smooth and Steady.


O – offer


Do not forget to ask for the sale.  What is your CTA or Call to Action. For example using the word Start – It is a word that implies action. For example, By signing up for this free offer you will start receiving products today.


SEO – Social Media Marketing Juice


Now having a great video series is only part of it. The next is the JUICE to push it out for people to find it.

 Contact Duane for more details 231-250-9624.