Knickerbocker New Holland in Grand Rapids Michigan was the site for Business Networking and Beers weekly meeting. The Knickerbocker New Holland website states they are, “Strategically placed at the gateway to Grand Rapids’ historic Westside, The Knickerbocker is a taste of many world traditions that have been rediscovered and presented with a fresh perspective.”


Business Networking and Beers meets every Wednesday night at a different brewery according to and have three simple rules: 1) Meet People, 2) Have a Beer and 3) Repeat.

A couple networking tips is to save the sales pitch and work on building relationships. Then build enthusiasm for your product or service. Leave a lasting impression by telling a story about why you were inspired to create your company. Remember to follow up and work on that relationship.


Buy Local Michigan is proud to promote business people in the Grand Rapids area. Each week Michigan’s Video Storyteller Duane Weed and Business Networking and Beers Founder J.R. Muller team up promote local businesses.  Using Facebook LIVE the first episode was at the Knickerbocker New Holland location on GR. Each week join us on Wednesday nights around 5:30pm on Buy Local Michigan Facebook Page.  Join us, share our posts and help promote the people that make up our states economy.

Sign up and have Duane produce a spotlight video that features your Michigan business. Call 231-250-9624.

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