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Making the complex simple.

Making the complex simple is how Ryan Lafferty, Lafferty Communications describes his business.  You need a website, a Facebook page, Ryan sees it as you need a strategy.  Ryan builds websites and social media sites that use the algorithms and analytic’s  to monitor, track and grow a person’s business.  To the majority of us our eyes go into the back of heads when we talk the math behind how the web works.  Not Ryan, he makes the complex simple.

Lafferty Communications is a marketing and communication strategy firm that really does simplify the process for all types of customers from Fortune 500 to the small business down the street.   Lafferty Communications develops a complex strategy that is set up to understand what the problem is, put the metrics behind that and the tactics that will help solve the problem. Without the strategy you are mainly just using the tools and not meeting your goals.  Once ts is set up Ryan and his team look at the analytic’s and make the adjustments needed for success.
Ryan loves helping people.  He looks at your operation to analyze is it a marketing problem, a people problem, a process problem or as simple as they have not thought of that solution.  Lafferty Communications is there with outstanding customer service and the willingness to help.  Contact Ryan at 616-307-7884.  Visit his website
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