Leland Michigan is fishtown

Buy Local Michigan welcomes you to visit Leland Michigan-Fishtown.  Fishtown is based on the commercial fishing industry where Lelend, Michigan got its name. One cool fact is Leland is the only working commercial fishing villages in the great state of Michigan. When you walk the docks it brings you back to the 1900’s with the fishing boats, fishing shanties, the nets hanging to dry and the smokehouse smell.

Lake Michigan is a draw for any season. A short drive from Traverse City there are a number of specialty shops and a stop at the Harbor House Trading Company for ice cream.

While visiting Lealand: Fishtown website: “Many of the shanties now house delightful gift and clothing boutiques, art galleries and specialty food shops. Summer bustles with activity, and during colder seasons the docks become quiet and tranquil.: Source: http://www.lelandmi.com/

“What I love about Leland Michigan is its unique feel”, states Buy Local Michigan’s host Duane Weed. “While going over my video stock came across this video from a while ago.  It brought back the sound of the dam, the smell of the smoker and the nice town home people at the local pub.  I like the pub, my wife likes the shops.  A great place for all to go and explore.  Visit Leland Michigan, otherwise known as fishtown.”

What makes Michigan Pure

Buy Local Michigan loves Michigan and taking our camera’s out a featuring what makes Michigan Pure is priceless. Visit our site and check out all the great people that make Michigan ‘A Great Lake State!”

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