Made in Michigan-Tubie Pockets

Made in Michigan-Tubie Pockets are exceptional products for families using NG/NJ tubes or G tube feeding systems.

Say goodbye to chapped cheeks due to Tubie Pockets™ NG and NJ Tube Moveable Pockets for Storage When Not In Use.  “We have to do something, I cannot stand to see it and how it is hurting my son. So I sat down at my sewing machine” states inventor Rebekah.  “Came up with some ideas and the final design for the Tubie Pocket.  Attached it to our sons clothes and he didn’t touch it for two days. It was such an amazing thing.”

Made in Michigan-Tubie Pockets

How do you wear your Tubie Pocket

How do you wear your Tubie Pocket – front or back?  The nice thing about the pocket is it doesn’t matter.  For the active person on the back maybe the best.  On the front works for the casual approach.  Bottom line, the Tubie Pocket protects the feeding tube and keeps the person safe that is wearing them.

What People have to say about the Made in Michigan-Tubie Pockets

made in michigan tubie pockets

“We used Tubie Pockets to help keep his Ng tube out of the water. He slept for 3 hours after his beach day!”

tubie pockets active kids

“Tubie Pockets are great to keep tubes out of the way for active kids!”

tubie pocket safer for kids

“The tubie pocket makes sleeping much less stressful on mom, no cord to get tangled in!”

What People Have to say – SOURCE FACEBOOK

What a great Made in Michigan product.  One made from love and caring.

tubie pockets made in michigan

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