Makeups new best friend is a revolutionary product from Michigan based Make-Cup®. Christina Bellas, owner and inventor of the Make-Cup®, states her product is a portable, practical, and beauty-FULL solution for all of your makeup needs!

According to the Make-Cup® website: ” Our unique, compact cup is designed with special, secret compartments to hold blushes and powders, eyeshadows, lip and lash products, beauty brushes and more. It’s meant to save space and make your life easier. I created Make-Cup® for everyone who has ever tried to fit beauty supplies into a tiny bag that just won’t zip, for everyone who has dropped a compact and watched it shatter, for everyone who needs a convenient, simple way to carry makeup on the go.”

The Problem:
Make-up bags are unsanitary and messy.

The Solution:
Make-Cup®! This compact protective movable make-over lets you carry everything you need.

When producer Duane Weed shot this video he was impressed with how durable it was and the fact it is made with earth-friendly materials. Cannot say that very often

Makeups new best friend is the Make-Cup® To purchase the product click here.

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