Michigan Farming is a video produced by Pure Michigan to enlighten your taste buds.  Michigan Farming brings the smells, taste and enjoyment the ground in Michigan produces, combined with the talented hands and minds of those that create. The results are mouth watering dish and drinks that keep us coming back for more.

At Buy Local Michigan we are bringing it local, right into your community to produce videos that are all about you, your business, market and aimed at helping your customers. Call Michigan’s Video Storyteller Duane Weed at 231-250-9624 and lets begin your adventure with video.

According to the Michigan dot org website, “Visiting quality Michigan wineries, bakeries, restaurants, breweries, farm markets and u-pick farms brings you closer to all that Michigan has to offer. Take time to enjoy the local taste of Pure Michigan food.”

In one of our video blog series ‘Farmers Markets and Buying Local’, Dr. David Hebert discusses Michigan Farming and farm markets as part of the “What does buying local really mean” video series.

As the research for this blog article I came across Appetizing Creations From Western Upper Peninsula.  In this article, “The west side of the UP offers more than just beautiful scenery, miles of coastline, small friendly towns, or areas for hunting and fishing. You can find amazing and unique dishes like their famous pasties, fresh Lake Superior Whitefish. and in Houghton County the cooler weather produces an abundance of U-pick strawberry farms.”

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