Michigan funnies, we laugh at ourselves all the time. Came across this video about words that are unique to our state and are Michigan funnies.

Michigan slang words and what they mean to our west coast friends. Take a look at these Michigan funnies.

Michigan Funnies

In Michigan we laugh at ourselves which is a good way to live life.  Within our state we also have some unique names of our towns and cities.  Some of these are:

* In Norway Township the town of Vulcan.

* Near Lake Superior is the the town of Christmas.

* Welcome to ‘Hell’ Michigan.

* Why not come to Michigan and to to Paradise.

Some more Michigan funnies may include: You maybe from Michigan if:

If you define Summer as three months of bad sledding…

If you bake with “soda” and drink “pop”…

If You used to think Deer Season was included as an official school holiday…

We live in a great state and have much to laugh about. We leave you with two thoughts, 1) Smiles are cheap and 2) Remember to Buy and Shop local.

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