Michigan Made EZ Bannerz

Michigan Made EZ Bannerz  is a system to safely install and remove banners and was invented by Cal Peters from Caledonia Michigan.  You can now safely install and remove banners with an innovative product by EZ Bannerz and did I mention the pole system is made in Michigan..

According to Cals website, “The EZBannerz banner system is made from high quality anodized aluminum, steel, and electrically non-conductive fiberglass designed to be used around utility services.  Consisting of two products; the install/remove tool and a base/bracket set, the system is designed to install 30” wide banners from ground level.”

Easy to learn and set up.

  1. Remove the banner clips from the old banner
  2. Slide the old banner off the brackets
  3. Move the brackets from the removal side to the install side of the install/remove tool
  4. Slide the new banner on the brackets
  5. Replace the banner clips
  6. Optionally, you can roll up the new banner from the bottom and secure it with the wrap strap

To learn more about the Michigan Made EZ Bannerz and to purchase the product go to http://ezbannerz.com/

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