Michigan Manufacturing supports Buying Local is the topic of volume five in our video series discovery, ‘What does Buying Local Really Mean?”  Michigan’s Video Storyteller, Duane Weed talks with Dr. David Hebert, an Assistant Professor in Economics at Ferris State University in Big Rapids.  It is a pleasure having him discuss Michigan Manufacturing and how it affects the economy, even when a large company leaves.

Our turn to ask you a question: What role does Manufacturing companies have on the Michigan economy, or anywhere for that matter?  When Dr. Hebert talks about how even through hardship and loss a community can come out stronger when they loose a large business.

Michigan Manufacturing companies bring with them a host of growth. New stores and service businesses pop up to serve the needs of the people that business employs.  Because of the how manufacturing companies support local communities there are organizations that help them grow. One of those places is The Right Place in Grand Rapids. They help small and medium-sized manufacturers become stronger and more competitive.

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