The group at Pure Michigan recently posted the below video by doing a snow dance which lead me to think about Michigan Winter Economics.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Snow%20Dance” rel=”0″]

When I saw this it made me wonder.  How much does snow cost?  Michigan has its seasons that businesses depend on to make a living.  So when the group did the Pure Michigan Snow dance, what does winter mean to our state… economical.

Lets look at Michigan Winter Economics?  Michigan’s U.P. reputation as the “Snow Capital of the Midwest” is an economic asset that could be challenged by climate change. Communities rely on income from winter festivals, snowmobile trails, ski events, dogsled races and the list goes on.

Found this article: 7 Ways to Help Your Business Survive Winter.  May have some tips to help in keeping your businesses going in the winter months.

Businesses that boom during winter months include snow removal services ski facilities, home improvement stores, restaurants, hotels and more. When we have a mild winter it takes people by surprise, and the lack of snow creates challenges for people and businesses that bank on winter weather for good sales. If you look at it, summer has the same impact.  Farmers, to much rain, not good, not enough rain, not good.  Winter is not the only season that challenges Michigan Winter Economics.

Here is our plug – create a number of videos that promote your business and the products and services you provide during the winter.  Also, think outside the box, create videos that promote what you do in the event of a lack of snow.  Promoting your Michigan business is what we do – call 231-250-9624 to talk about how we can help you.

How does a seasonal business survive when mother nature changes it up?  Let us know.

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