Michigans Ultimate Playground

In this Discover Michigan Adventure video Buy Local Michigan travels across the Mighty Mac going east to Drummond Island. Upon arrival meeting up with the good people at the Drummond Island Tourism Association and driver Robert for a tour around the Island. Even though it was raining, that did not matter, FUN was around every corner! Enjoy the adventure of Michigans Ultimate Playground, Drummond Island.

When talking with tour guide, Candis Collick, Buy Local Michigan learned she was born and raised in the Eastern Upper Peninsula where she learned at a young age “you can not breathe easy until you get above the 45th”. For her being on Drummond is about being “home”. It is about crossing over to the “safe side”. About being part of a caring, compassionate community – one that is still a wee bit rugged and rowdy around the edges. It’s a place where one can walk the woods, enjoy the water and wander to your heart’s content. There is an everyday sort of magic on the Island – an inexplicable connectedness you experience with the people and places. It truly is “The Gem of the Huron”.

Drummond Island Quick Facts include:

  • 150 miles of rugged scenic shoreline
  • 133 square miles of forested landscape
  • 76 miles of paved roads
  • 65 miles of ORV trails on state land
  • 58 beautiful neighboring-islands
  • 34 Inland Lakes
  • 27 fairways
  • 24 hour ferry service:   We were told that you pay to come to the Island, they take you back for free.
  • and 76 miles of groomed snowmobile trails.

Ode’ to Island Life POEM

Michigans Ultimate Playground

When researching Drummond Island, Candis shared this poem with Buy Local Michigan.  Ode’ to Island Life . . . If once you have slept on an island you will never be quite the same. You may look as you looked the day before and go by the same old name . . . You may bustle about in the street & shop. You may sit at home and sew, but you will see blue water and wheeling gulls wherever your feet may go. you may chat with the neighbors of this and that and close to the fireside keep, but you will hear ship whistle and lighthouse bell and waves beat through your sleep: and you won’t know why and you can not say how such change upon you came – but once you have slept on an island you will never be quite be the same . . . -by Rachal Field

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