Mini Documentary on Don Middlebrook and the Pearl Divers

Mini Documentary-Don Middlebrook is a Michigan Musicians that focuses on his love for Trop-Rock Music. Don is known as ‘Michigan’s Resident Beach Boy’. In 1991, Don began a musical quest up and down the west coast of Michigan with little idea of where it might lead.

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What is Trop Rock Music-Don Middlebrook

Tropical rock is a genre of popular music that incorporates elements and influences of rock and roll, reggae, country music, Caribbean, Calypso music and zydeco. SOURCE

MI Basement Session Mini Documentary-Don Middlebrook

Producer Duane Weed has a knack for taking a dive into a story and making it real. Don Middlebrook, writes songs about life, but more importantly about people. “In this mini music documentary Don shares a story of how two of his song titles meet and make a connection; The Girl with the Clothes Tag Out and Bike Ride around the Island,” states Duane. “Don shares that many great songs are written in a cubical in Nashville or New York, for him… it has to be real.”

Guitarist Rush Clement shares how Don’s ability to improvise on the spot by adding an “extra verse” or even a full-length song for folks in the audience. Duane continues, “Check out the last song in this video. Totally made up on the spot about people in the audience. He makes it real, entertaining and as I have heard before… ‘this separate him from any artist you have ever experienced!”  Check out more Michigan Music at MI Basement Sessions.

Performing LIVE is where Don is at his best.

Contact Don Middlebrook

Publicist/administrative assistant, Shelley Perry 616-558-5863 

Need to send Don something? His mailing address is:

Don Middlebrook
PO Box 517
Haslett, MI 48840

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