Buy Local Michigan welcomes Dana from the Morley Celebration on the Pond. Family fun the first full weekend in August.

According to Michigan dot org, “Morley is a picturesque town on the Little Muskegon River. Morley is also a part of the Rails-To-Trails system of the White Pine State Park. With the trail crossing the Little Muskegon on the remains of an old Railroad bridge, you can get a great look at the road below and the water flowing over the dam. Even if you’re not hiking the trail, you’ll want to check the view out from this bridge, as it is easily accessible just across the street from the park by the dam. The dam on the south side of town forms a pond which winds back east for a few miles, creating a scenic landscape.”

The Morley Celebration on the Pond stated out as a local bragging rights has grown to a Pure Michigan community event that brings people from all over the United States to enjoy a great entertainment event.

The Morley Celebration on the Pond is a family oriented event beginning with a car and tractor show on Friday night. On Saturday it is time to get down and dirty with tractors, trucks, modified trucks and semi trucks.

morley celebration on the pond

Being a sanctioned event the afternoon shows off completion with the Michigan Truck and Tractor Pullers (the MTTP) bringing a weighted sled down a 300 foot course to see hwo can pull the sled the furthest.
Bringing in the mini-mods and fire throwing machines the National Tractor Pullers Association brings a championship style competition with the big boys, and girls.

What stated in 1988 as a local event to promote Morley businesses has grown into a Michigan Event that is family fun.

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