Morley Michigan Trucking Capital-Morley Celebration on the Pond

Locals bring what they brought.

Morley Michigan Trucking Capital-Morley Celebration on the Pond takes place the first weekend in August. People from all over the country to enjoy a day of family fun, more power and the ultimate competitive spirit.

National Tractor Pullers Association

The National Tractor Pullers Association NTPA travels to the Trucking Capital of Michigan for the Celebration on the Pond in Morley the first Saturday in August.  A Grand National class of Super Semi Trucks will be joined by Regional National Modified Minis and a state Super Stock class to churn the dirt of the Celebration Acres pulling track in one session.

Morley Michigan Trucking Capital – how it began

Morley Celebration on the Pond

A group in Morley business men started the first truck pulls where locals pulled what they brought.  Over the early years with bragging rights until the next year.  Connecting with the NTPA was a turning point for the Celebration on the Pond growing the event from year to year.

Facebook Testimonial

“Had a blast tonight at the truck pulls!!! Got to spend the day with my princess and my nephew even got autographs from some of the drivers and got to sit on one of the tractors!!! All of the drivers she met were beyond nice!!! The driver of “Dont Ask” even went and got her a special shirt with his logo on it since it was her first pull!!!” Chantelle P.

“Looking at the vehicles was beautiful.” Diane F.

“A local tradition that brings people in from all across Michigan is the car show. See your car or even you in the shots, tag your self, like the page and share with others. Thank you and see you the first weekend in August for the Morley Celebration on the Pond. Check out other things to do around the county by visiting the Mecosta County Convention & Visitors Bureau. The Celebration videos are sponsored by Mary at Peacock Real Estate“.

Morley COP

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