There are some basic steps that need to be done when you optimize videos for YouTube.  These steps do not guarantee rankings but steps needed none the less.  When you optimize videos for YouTube you are telling the search engines what is important.

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Optimizing Michigan Videos for YouTube is key for any ranking you hope to get. In addition to the basic steps another big factor in how your video is ranked organically is based on watch time. So what is watch time and why should I be concerned. “The amount of time in aggregate that your viewers are watching your videos.” Source: Watch Time: Optimization Guide for YouTube Ranking Factors The article goes on to state, “Watch Time is NOT simply how much of your video was watched, rather it is a measure of how much your video contributed to a users’ overall time watching videos on the site.”

optimize videosWhen optimizing videos for YouTube the title is so important. Using the key main keywords people would search for this content. Then write the description within YouTube. Using keywords here is very important. Then putting in the tags or keywords. The keywords here need to be in the description content as well. I have found that the description within youtube is more for the search engines than for you and i to read.

Now this is not a 100% rule of thumb that will automatically get you found. The search engines also look for how much of the video has been watched. The more it has been seen and watched the search engines go, yeah that is a good video.

So how do we do we get more people to watch. It comes with a plan. I will share that in our next video.

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