Joe came on Buy Local Michigan to share two of his inventions: one the Poochie Bowl is in production and is made in Michigan. The other, the Coaster Bike is work in progress and is working at funding right now to get sixty made and out for testing.

The Poochie Bowl is designed for dogs with long hears so they (the dog) does not get their ears in their food or drink bowl. The peddle free coaster bike is designed with help people that cannot peddle a bike due to a medical or balance issues or to be used as part of physical therapy after an operation.

According to their website (, “The Poochie Bowl enhances traveling with your dog. You no longer need to carry additional food or water bottles. Our unique features include an anti-tip design, spill-proof lid that also doubles as non-skid base and it floats. The Poochie Bowl is also light weight, durable and easy to clean.”

The websites states, “The PEDAL-FREE design allows you to walk or stride at your speed, keeping your stability and balance. You can coast along with one or two feet resting on the sturdy foot board. Striding with one foot is just as much fun.”

As a Michigan Inventor Joe is striving to have his products Made in Michigan.

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