Dog and Obedience Training

Real World K-9 Training goal is to train dogs, for the Police and Military and as everyday Pets. According to Owner and Veteran Christian Losiewski ” We demand a higher standard and will not settle for less. Veteran owned and ran with high standards to get your needs accomplished.” SOURCE: Real World K-9 Facebook Page

Military and Police Dogs

“It is a really good feeling to know our dogs will help the Military and Police around the world,” states Luke Smith.


According to Justin Cooke, writer for ‘Sound Off Signal Blog, “Canines have been used for security and hunting by humans since Roman times, and were introduced in modern law enforcement well over a hundred years ago. Europeans began training dogs specifically for police work. Since the 1970s, K9 units have become an asset for police departments across the U.S.”

Positive Training

Real World K-9 LLC Services

Real World K-9 Website covers the following services:

  • Narcotics detection dogs that perform at a high level of drive as well as accuracy.
  • Dogs that are exceeding certifying standards in apprehension, building search, tracking/trailing, article search, obedience and narcotics detection.
  • Board and train program is engineered to produce results! Our process to get to that point is very positive and reinforcing. 

Real World K-9 Training Mission Statement

“To provide top class dogs to law enforcement and military dog teams, that are trained and prepared for the toughest tasks that the real world has in store”

Christian Losiewski, Owner and operator and is a Military Vet
Boarding and Training

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