Buy Local Michigan is all about Michigan and this Video Review of Great Lakes Bad Lines Documentary is more about bringing awareness than anything else.  According the the documentaries Vimeo page, “Discover the story of two Michigan natives + adventurers and their 500-mile, fossil-free journey across the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula along the route of Line 5, a 63-year-old pipeline that threatens our inland waters and Great Lakes.  Through the lens of adventure, personal stories, and natural beauty, this film highlights the ecosystems and livelihoods that are at risk and inspires all to take action within their own lives.”

In this Review of Great Lakes Bad Lines Documentary, Director Colin McCarthy takes a look at Enbridge Oil Pipeline-Line 5 and how IF anything would happen to this line our wondrous beauty and fresh water supply would be ruined for decades if not more.

 This statement from the documentary “Line 5 goes through some of the most pristine watersheds in Michigan or for that fact the entire world. To have an oil spill here would be devastating.”  Do not get me wrong I am not a tree hugging activist, or against big businesses.   What struck me and the reason for doing a Review of Great Lakes Bad Lines Documentary is to bring awareness to a potential huge problem.  The crew of the film did an excellent job in not only showing off the beauty of Michigan, but also stating the facts as it was presented to them.

Make up your own mind as you watch this well produced documentary.  Buy Local Michigan is produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC, remember to buy and shop Locally in Michigan.

Review of Great Lakes Bad Lines Documentary
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