The Slip Clip Company-The perfect beach towel and boat clip. Inspired on a trip to Florida when owner, Julie’s towel kept falling into the water. She figure there had to be a better way, so being a Michigan Inventor… she invented the Slip Clip.

The process of going from idea to having a finished product in hand took six years. The Slip Clip Company is please to say it is a Michigan Made Company. The manufacturing and printing is done in Grand Rapids Michigan. “This is nice to see” states Buy Local Michigan host Duane Weed. “There are many options out their and Julie decided to have everything done in Michigan is inspiring.”

The Slip Clip holds your beach towel on lounge chairs so it does not blow away. Works ideal on a boat so towels, clothes and bags do not find their way into the water.

Taken from the Slip Clip Company website site and we quote, “The Slip Clip is a completely customizable beach towel clip, boat clip and more clip that can be used as a new and exciting marketing tool. They are 6″ durable plastic clips that offer a large imprint area (5″ x 1.5″). This large flat area will boldly and elegantly display your client’s logo. This is a great way to increase your customers advertising capabilities. Slip Clips are so easy to use that everyone will want one. Even kids enjoy using them to build forts. They can be used in the kitchen or bathroom. There are so many uses your clients will love them. Lying in the sun, shade, or on a boat is more enjoyable with the Slip Clip. ……….And they make Advertising a breeze!”

For towels, boats, beach and recycle bags the Slip Clip is useful in a number of ways.

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