Small Business Growing in Newaygo County and Buy Local Michigan is proud to share this story. Shop Small and Buying Local are at the heart of the small business person’s heart and soul and is the drive for economic growth in Michigan and the world.

There is a business in the City of Newaygo that is living the dream, Sui Generis Home Furnishings LLC in downtown Newaygo left their 1500 foot storefront and move to The Stream Building at 1 State Road. Their new store has a large selection of Home Furnishing and Decor in their new 5000 square foot store.

Small Business Growing in Newaygo County

With customers coming from Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids and all over Michigan. Owners Jake and Theresa Cooper are enjoying their small business, their Newaygo County community and seeing joy on their customers face. One such customer Tabatha Lathrop shares this, “Stop in a take a look around. You won’t be disappointed!! Jake and Theresa have surely planted their roots in this town with the addition of their store. It’s wonderful to have a Newaygo native bring in great service and products to the area. Their passion and love for this community shines through in their business. They are friendly and love helping others find that perfect and specialized item to add to their home or as a gift for someone else. I’ve been extremely satisfied and love to support this amazing local business!.”

Small Business Growing in Newaygo County

Newaygo has much to offer. Thirty minutes from Big Rapids, Grand Rapids and Muskegon it can be said that all roads lead to Newaygo. Relaying on tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and the many small businesses that make up the area. There is much to do in Newaygo County.
After nearly fifteen years of working for large companies, Theresa left to follow her dream of owning a small business and entering the world of entrepreneurship. Her dream is to grow and employ and give back to the community of Newaygo.   Small Business Growing in Newaygo County and to learn more check out the River Country Chamber of Commerce or The Stream.

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