Small business video connects customers – contact Duane at 231-250-9624.

Small business video connects customers with your products and services. Small Business thrives when people know your name and what you do. At Buy Local Michigan our Spotlight Videos highlight you, the person behind the business name.  Call Duane to schedule your Michigan Spotlight Video at 231-250-9624. Telling your story in a compelling way to get people to connect with you. It is very important to make it real.  There is a passion that comes from a small business owner or a dedicated employee that is so authentic.  Be real, not to polished when telling your story.  At Buy Local Michigan our passion is being able to see your business visually, to take your words and create a story that is your local business.  Engagement in your product and or service is key.  Then by using a Local Video Strategy take the finished product and feed what we call the search engine beast.  Google for example LOVES video.

As a consumer or a purchase agent for a company we need to know the product and or service does what it says it will or what they said it would do. When looking for a product or professional service it is necessary to have faith in what we’re spending our hard earned money on. When the information we seek is presented by a person we use our senses when we watch a video. We listen to what people are saying and we watch their face and body expressions. This goes along way in making a connection with the company or product we are searching for. To establish trust within a video a person helps us make a connect.  We see them, connect with them, their voice and the images on the screen supporting their product and or service. Video allows you to establish trust with website and on-line visitors you have never even met.

Small business video connects customers and Michigan’s Video Storyteller Duane Weed connects your small business with prospects and customers.  Buy Local Michigan is produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC, copyright 2016.

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