Splash Count Sport Timer and Counter

Splash Count Multiple Sport Timer and CounterSplash Count Sport Timer and Counter was developed and invented by Lynn Benson from Rockford Michigan.

The Splash Count is a sport timer and counter and is referred to the portable pace clock you can count on.

Every product has a beginning. For Lynn it was when she was an aquatic director and noticed the lap counters they were using kept breaking. So she knew there had to be something better. And like most products as they are being developed they go through many stages. The same is true for the Splash Count. So the Splash Count has timing, both up and counting down function. A Lap Counter for swimmers as they race. In addition it can also be a scoreboard.

Lynn was also a Physical Education teacher and was using it to manage drills and exercises. To Keep score and the kids loved it.

Splash Count Sport Timer and Counter can be used for many sports and with the remote can be used by the coach, trainer and instructor from a distance. The LED numbers show up from a long distance and can be used underwater, in any weather including below zero.

To purchase the versatile portable, totally submersible Splash Count from Benson Products at splashcount.com.

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