West Michigan Industry is home to a cluster of businesses

Industry West Michigan
Industry West Michigan

West Michigan Industry is home to a cluster of businesses  as diverse as companies producing cell phone components to software.  In this episode of Chatting Local Duane Weed looks at some of the top businesses that employ our family, friends and community members.

Did you know that Spectrum Health employs 25,000 people?   That is twenty five thousand people that are putting back into the tax base of the local economy for the schools, infrastructure, to support businesses and nonprofits etc. This is huge and that’s what makes the Michigan economy grow. Does not matter how many people you employ, one, ten, thousands or more.  Everyone in business is important to Michigan.

According to The Right Place website, “Located between Chicago and Detroit in western Michigan, Grand Rapids is the state‚Äôs second-largest city, and the urban center of a growing region of more than 1 million people. More than 130 international companies are located here as well as four of Forbes Largest Private Companies.”

Focus in on Grand Rapids

In 2018 Grand Rapids ranks #1 – Top States for Auto Manufacturing Jobs – Michigan, Bureau of Labor Statistics

and #4 – Top States for Manufacturing Jobs – Michigan, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2017 found many favorable results as well.  #1 – Fastest Growing U.S. Economy – Grand Rapids, HeadlightData.com,  and #19 – Best Cities in the U.S. – Grand Rapids, US News.com


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