Winter in Mecosta, Osceola, Lake, Newaygo County was inspired by Michigan’s Video Storyteller Duane Weed on a four county video shoot.  Traveling over 150 miles this video shoot was about taking a back road here and there and seeing what we could find.  From rivers, lakes, downtown’s and heck, we even found a train.  Michigan has so much to offer if you just open your mind and travel.

Mecosta County
The Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce states on their website, “Mecosta County truly is the “County for Every Season.” There is no better place to work, raise a family, or vacation.” The ending of the video was inspired when our trip ended in Morley – what a great tribute to the men and women of our armed forces.

Osceola County
“Located in the west central portion of Michigan’s lower peninsula Osceola County is perfectly situated to enjoy rural living with easy access to larger community amenities!”  The Reed City Chamber of Commerce is also very active in the county.

White Cloud Newayo County

Lake County
“Lake County, Michigan is an outdoor recreation paradise of endless nature and boundless adventure located in the northwestern part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, 80 miles north of Grand Rapids.” According to the Lake County Chamber website they are Home to 200,000 acres of public-owned land, Lake County is intersected by two major highways, US-10 and M-37.  Coming up M-37 through Baldwin the Lake County Court House is a prominent site. The historic Idlewild, wow if these buildings could talk.

Newaygo County
The River Country Chamber of Commerce states on their website, “River Country Chamber of Commerce of Newaygo County is home to three unspoiled rivers, two immense dams, and dozens of pristine lakes spoiling residents and visitors with endless choices to paddle, boat, fish, sail, hike, shop, live and work alongside nature.” In our travels found a nice river in the White Cloud area… priceless.  The Muskegon river has many treasures through the city and surrounding areas, like it Croton.

Mecosta, Osceola, Lake, Newaygo County has so much to offer, go out and explore. Buy Local Michigan is produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC. Copyright 2016

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