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Buy Local Michigan 365

Buy Local Michigan 365Buy Local Michigan 365 is a movement geared at promoting Michigan businesses through the power of affordable video storytelling. Buying Local is  more than just a day, it is all year. Book your Michigan Business Spotlight Video today – or call 231-250-9624.

Michigan Communities that support local businesses directly impact their local economy.  It creates more jobs and provides communities more resources than ever before. It’s about you, your business and your brand.  The Michigan Storytellers at Buy Local Michigan work closely with you to tell your story.

It is all about you, no agenda, about your business.

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Engaging and drawing customers and prospects to your business is the drive behind our BLM Business Spotlight Videos.  We know your brand message needs to be consistent through out all of your content. While taking your brand to new heights we focus on what is most important to your customers. What is your business vision today and into the future?

Engage your prospects and customers with a series of videos that talk about your brand, the services you offer and the people that make it happen.

Buy Local Michigan 365 – it is really all about your business

People want to do business with people they know and trust.  Our videos share your brand and personality.

Michigan Storytellers Duane Weed and Frank Krywicki learn about you through communication, then we do what some call ‘our magic’.  We call it storytelling, states Duane. “Everyone has that story and through our talents we tell it. Does not get any simpler than that.”

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